Save Shaq Fu


Are you in possession of a Shaq Fu you want to preserve for all time? Do you know of a Shaq Fu in need, but don’t feel you would be able to provide a caring home for it? Do not fret… there’s a quick and easy way to save Shaq Fu—and that’s by donating it to Save Shaq Fu.

The process is simple. Simply send an email to either AJ or drak to discuss the terms of the donation process. Now, this movement is about the preservation of an endangered species—not personal gain—but we understand the possible need for some reimbursement. We at Save Shaq Fu are willing to do whatever it takes to care and love for these great games, so please, feel free to ask whatever it is you may need of us in order to liberate these Shaq Fus.

Shaq Fu can be found for the following systems, so be sure to keep a look out:

If you feel you are not able to find a copy of Shaq Fu around your area or on the internet, then don’t hesitate to donate!