Save Shaq Fu


1/10/14 — Lots of news! (Shaq Fu 2, Beta copy, new Shaqalogue and more!)

So we just received a couple more copies from an "Ian" and his father "Robert" from Pennsylvania. They were even awesome enough to include their picture and a Shaqalogue entry for one of the copies, so be sure to head over that way and check it out!

In other exciting news, still waiting for some pictures for the PAX Shaqs that have been acquired, but they will be coming eventually. Just like all the current copies WILL eventually get a Shaqalogue. We actually have a "new savior" who will be coming to the site soon enough, but I'll let him introduce himself when he feels ready. That being said, he will help crank out more of these Shaqalogue entries as well.

Another exciting bit of news is the fact that, it has been "confirmed" by Shaq himself (WHO I AM STILL TRYING TO REACH, SO IF YOU SEE HIM, HAVE HIM CONTACT US) that there will be a Shaq Fu 2. All we know so far is that it has "amazing graphics." This was said during an interview at CES. See the video at the end of this update.

LASTLY, we have managed to acquire a BETA COPY of Shaq Fu. That is right, an official prototype has been saved by Save Shaq Fu. We will hopefully have it soon and can provide some information on it as well. It will of course be joining its brethren when it arrives. Stay tuned for more information on this as well

– AJ

9/5/13 — OKAY so, Hi. It's been over two years

Not gonna lie to you guys, a lot of stuff happened, passwords were forgotten, computers lost and/or broken. BUT DURING THIS TIME, there have been Shaq Fu copies SAVED and SIGNED. So that's nice right? Right. ... Right. OKAY, so, let's try to get back on that wagon again shall we? Don't wanna make any CRAZY PROMISES about a solid update schedule, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN, I, no, WE, promise. Because the fire has been reignited, and the passion burns forever true. There will be updates, and when there are, I will be sure to advertise the hell out of them just to prove it.

That being said, LET'S GET BACK TO COLLECTING EVEN MORE. So, you know the drill. You find a copy you're willin' to donate to the cause, get a hold of us. We will do what is necessary to try to preserve it. Expect some good stories soon. PAX just happened, and Tyler was able to liberate some more, as well as has some amazing photos to share in regards to the liberation. So, rejoice and enjoy the ... "show?" Sure.

– AJ

5/4/11 — So It Sure Has BEEN A WHILE !!

ALRIGHT, so remember that time that I didn't update this website for over a year? That time just happened. HOWEVER, don't think that the Shaq Fus haven't been being obtained, because they most certaintly have. I've done a lot of moving in the past year, and I assure you they have all traveled with me and are safely packed away. So, hopefully when I'm not so busy I will be able to update the Shaqalogue. Because it's in dire need of this. I'd love to get "all caught up" on it, but, man ... IT'LL HAPPEN. I promise. Your ol' Dad hasn't let ya down yet, right?

Yes. Anyway. We'll get back on top of this. No worries. Those dedicated to this great cause will not be disappointed and we thank you for your patience!

– AJ

2/28/10 — The Big Andy McKee Update

So it's been a while, yes. The whole "Thursday" thing didn't work out as planned due to unforseen circumstances. However, there has been a rather grand update now !!

Firstly, we are now up to 79 copies of Shaq Fu! However, our mission is far from over and we still need your help in securing more.

Next up, we have updated the Shaqalogue yet again with five more stories. The best of which involve Andy McKee !! We recently met the man and introduced him to a couple of copies of Shaq Fu. His response was quite pleasing, as he was well aware of it, having even played it himself long ago. Johnny Dickinson, who was also playing that night, had quite an experience with Shaq Fu as well. Down below you will see pictures of the event, along with a video of Andy talking about Shaq Fu.

Johnny Dickinson Signing a Shaq Fu Holding Up The PAL Copy Andy McKee Signing A Shaq Fu

So yes, as you can see it has been quite eventful. Let us hope the next update will be as grand as this one eh?

Oh, and ... PS: Andy, if you did infact take the time to check this site out, you should shoot us an e-mail (bottom of page) and tell us what you thought!

– AJ

2/4/10 — Update Schedule

Hey pals. It's been a while. And I've been incredibly busy. However, I've decided that I will probably have better luck updating this if I make a schedule to do so. From now on I will aim to update at least each Thursday. While there aren't any Shaqalogues this update, I still felt the need to get the news out there. So yes, hopefully, as long as the outside world does not interfere we should be expecting updates each thursday!

Oh and also, no worries, we here at Save Shaq Fu are never too busy to collect Shaq Fus, so we DO have more copies. But I'm not going to update the counter until I get a couple of more that I am expecting.

– AJ

12/27/09 — Back In Action

All, it has been a long wait for an update, this I understand. I apologize, however our main Shaq Fu Computer died shortly have the last update, preventing us from being able to do any thing more to the site. However! Christmas has come and so has a new computer! And with that a fresh new update!

First off, we've gained more Shaq Fus in the absense. We are now up to a hefty 75, and I've received a few calls from some stores in the area with Shaq Fus in stock being held for us as well.

I've added four more Shaqlogues, numbers 11 through 14 are now up, so be sure to check them out!

Lastly! We have not yet been able to get a hold of Shaq himself to inform him of this website and the steps we are making to preserve his game, so if you have any ideas on how to get in touch with him, be sure to do it! If somebody can successfully get Shaq to view this website and [hopefully] comment about it on his Twitter, or better yet, if he gets in contact with us, then you will be rewarded in some way. Somehow. At some point in time. Somewhere. So get to work!

– AJ

10/02/09 — The New Staq

68 Shaq Fus! The number has really been rocketing up there. We have made an all new Shaq Staq containing all the current copies on hand. This can be viewed at the bottom of the main page, or simply below this post for a high resolution version. Enjoy, for it is glorious.

We received 9 copies recently from Mr Torture, all of which are very ... unique! We also would like to thank Eric (I don't realy have a page to link his name to) for a copy he received recently at PAX. ("Recent" Being the start of September). So, I believe it is time. Time to contact the man himself. I had planned on waiting a while longer until we had a couple more Shaqalogues under our belt, but what can I say? The anticipation is a driving force!

That is all for now. Again, keep on the look out for more Shaqalogues, and of course, if you happen to come across a copy of Shaq Fu, you know what to do with it!

The Mighty 68 Piece Shaq Staq!

– AJ

9/13/09 — The Weekend of Shaq

Quite an eventful weekend it has been. If you've been to the home page, I'm sure you noticed the Shaq Count has sky rocketed up to 58! Yes that's right 58 total Shaq Fus on hand. Our GameSwap supplier came through with 5 copies for us, and then we found a whopping 12 more at a shop in one of the local Flea Markets. See the picture below for the 12 new Shaq Fus.

Now, the plan was to contact the man himself when we hit 50, however, we have 9 coming from Argentina, along with 1 from ... a train man. So, I want to wait until those arrive so they can be in the "big picture" along with the rest. That being said, I think we also need to get a lot more Shaqalogues done before completed ahead of time. We will try to work diligently on this, and hopefully finish them all within a couple weeks. The idea is to have them completed by the time the 10 on their way arrive.

12 Copies obtained at a local Flea Market.

– AJ

9/4/09 — Casual Updates

Apologies for the delay in updates. This computer is rather, well ... Shattered. So it's quite a challenge to work on. But that will only slow us down! There is no stopping the saving of Shaq fu.

Moving on. In this update you will find five new Shaqalogues! Numbers 6 through 10 now have their stories out in the open for the whole world to see. Once we get fully up to date on the current back log of Shaqalogues, they will be updated the moment we receive a new copy.

We are now up to 41 total copies! The latest two copies both came from the Netherlands. One copy (Amiga) was purchased on eBay from Germany, while the other is a PAL SNES copy also from the Netherlands. Both of these were donated by H Hog, so we are very thankful for this! Hopefully a Shaqalogue will be written soon for them.

Lastly, The Game section has had an update. The story of Shaq Fu straight from the Manual has been put up, along with two images, also from the Manual. One being of the entire Development Team of Shaq Fu, and the other being a brief explaination of the fight screen. This page is still a work in progress, but it is indeed coming along!

That's all for now, so keep checking back for more updates.

– AJ

8/16/09 — Every System Type Obtained

Shaq Fu for Amiga

What you see here is indeed a copy of Shaq Fu for the Commodore Amiga. We can now proudly say we have a copy of Shaq Fu for each and every system. This is truly a proud moment in the movement of saving Shaq Fu.

Our work, however, is far from over! It is just beginning you see. Even as you read this, we are working fiercly to obtain even more copies. We currently have more coming from Argentina, along with another Amiga copy coming from Germany. Current on hand count is 36. This number should rise pretty drastically soon once all copies that are being sent have arrived.

As for the website. I’ve added a couple more entries to the Shaqalogue. We have also gone ahead and labeled each copy of Shaq Fu with its own Shaq ID. This will make it easier to do entries into the Shaqalogue. This section should be up to date with all current copies in the next couple of weeks. That’s all for now.

– AJ

8/4/09 — The Relaunch

Congratulations! What you viewed before was the website only using 10% of it’s full power. Now, witness its true form. This is the official relaunch of Save Shaq Fu.

Many changes have been made, and not just visually! First off, major thanks and kudo to SuitCase for the new layout. He is pretty much the mastermind behind it all, so be sure to track him down and swear your allegiance.

Now, the layout itself is done, but there is still very much left to do. Our Shaqalogue finally exists, and there are some entries in it, we just need to take pictures and add the rest in for all remaining Shaq Fus. We also don’t have much info in The Game section yet, but that’s a pretty easy fix and will come in due time.

Regardless, there is now more information on what we’re actually about (see the Home page) along with more information on how to donate.

The Why? section is up, but currently going under a visual makeover to add more pictures and make it a little less bland over all.

All in all though, I’d say we’re currently running at a solid 90%! So just be sure to stop by often and check to see if there are more entries in the Shaqalogue, and of course, keep up the good hunt!

– AJ

6/22/09 — Layout (not so) Complete?

Layout is complete! Well … Not “finished” but it’s good enough to put up and say we actually have a website now, right?! Still need to get a good start on the “Origins” section, which we should be doing at some point this week. Need a couple more sections as well, such as “Pictures” and “Heroes (Dedications and Shout Outs)” and anything else we think of at the time. As per any website, the content will (or SHOULD) grow as we acquire more to put on it. So just be patient and keep those submissions a rollin’!

As for the layout itself, I realize it’s a tad “bland” right now, but that will change over time. We just really wanted to get this UP, so … bare with us and hopefully it won’t look so bad in the future !!

Also, I realize the background is kind of ugly right now. We really just need to sit down and make one. And, there’s a problem where apparently depending on resolution size, when you change tabs the whole pages “adjusts” just a tiny bit. Still working out the kinks to try to get it so it’s always SET to one size. BUT YA KNOW. I wanted to get something UP. So … this is what you get for now. Better than a big black page with updates right?

– AJ

6/14/09 — Acquisition of a King

AVGN and TWTG-signed Shaq Fu!

Big update. We just acquired an AMAZING copy of Shaq Fu. Signed by both the Angry Video Game Nerd AND the Nostalgia Critic. This was on eBay and went for $255.00. We wouldn’t have been able to do it alone, but thanks to our contributors, we all pulled enough cash to acquire this great cart. So a special thanks to the following people:

Next up, we also finally acquired a Game Boy copy of this game. We now have at least one copy for every platform it was on EXCLUDING the Amiga. That will be our Holy Grail! So that brings the count up to:

30 Total Copies !! Keep it up! This number will only get higher! Also, we’ve been tossing out ideas for the website, and also have pretty much guaranteed a future Shaq Fu Tournament. We’re going to wait until we have a bigger fanbase, however, before we host such a thing. Regardless, keep a look out for the website!

– AJ

5/20/09 — Current Count !!

Running count of Shaq Fu copies: 22. 1 Game Gear, 3 SNES, 18 Genesis. Progress!

– AJ

5/14/09 — The Beginning

Update! Let me put up a quick scope of this website for all you Shaq Fu Fans out there. Basically, we are here to liberate Shaq Fu’s from the hands of those who wish to destroy it. We will not be destroying Shaq Fu, but saving it. “Archiving” it, per se. And you can help. Help this legacy live! So what will this website have?

And Much More !!

So as you can see. We’re dedicated. And you should be too. Keep checking back here, because hopefully this website will be up soon.

ALSO! Gameswap Guy (You know who you are), this is a special shout out to you, the first person we’ve told about this website, and also for your dedication in helping us acquire more of this glorious game. You sir, will go on our tribute page, once everything is finished!