Save Shaq Fu

In A Nutshell

We are dedicated to finding and collecting all copies of Shaq Fu and preventing them from being destroyed when they fall into the hands of the wrong individuals. This all sort of started as a joke, until we realized what sort of responsibility was thrust upon us.

The Tale

These lands we live in often give birth to life and destruction. This, my friends, is the tale of life. The tale of saving, if you will. Let me take you back to a harsher time in this world. A time riddled with chaos and misdeeds. A time of the destruction of Shaq Fu.

In the far off time of 2008 there was a man spoken of only in legend. His name was Joseph, and he was the bearer of gifts. One chill autumn night, when Halloween was on the eve’s prowl, people gathered to venture to unknown lands filled with ghosts, ghouls, and gremlins. A haunted trail. A man brimming full of energy and vigour gathered a crew. People strong enough to take on this challenge. His double, his companion, his “best bro”, was set to be joining. Tyler, a man of great stature, would have his life changed on that fateful night. He entered the car, astonished that Joe was not there to partake in the adventure, and spoke of this with a voice full of sadness. However, after but a twenty minute drive, a fist bust through the backseat of the car, revealing a secret sidehatch to the trunk. Clutched in that mighty hand was Shaq Fu.

This Shaq Fu was the beginning. The gift that started the legacy. But it was not over yet. As time passed that night, the fist that did indeed belong to Joe bestowed but seven more Shaq Fus upon Tyler. A gift of kings. And so the collection began.

Now we jump forward two months. A cold, harsh winter. It is Christmas now, and Tyler has made his way to AJ’s to enjoy a fine ceremonial gift sharing event. There they sat. Five perfectly wrapped gifts of various sizes. Little did Tyler know that each was but a lonely Shaq Fu, waiting for a new home. As he began opening these glorious gifts, he was filled with a joy no other man has ever felt. The joy of being bestowed a golden jewel. A Shaq Fu. And thus he became the man that owned thirteen Shaq Fus.

It was then, at that moment, that we decided we needed to get them all. We had a journey that would take a lifetime. A journey to save a man from the treacherous onslaught of a rival website that destroys Shaq Fu. We have vowed to save this man’s game. Shaq’s Fu will be here for all to enjoy. Just knowing that each and every copy will have a new home brings happiness and fulfilment to even the loneliest of individuals.

But we cannot do this alone. We will need the world’s help in saving a legend. This is where YOU, the TRUE hero comes in. If you are reading this, you have surely come to the right place. We will bestow you with our trust, that you will not destroy, but save Shaq Fu. By donating any copy of Shaq Fu you can find to Save Shaq Fu, you will be added to our list of heroes. You will find that with each copy you send, happiness will be but just one more step closer. Everyman has the right to change his stars. Won’t you help Shaq Fu? Won’t you be his Hero? Join us. United, we will bring about salvation for a legend. A Shaq Fu.